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Britt was born in The Hague, the Netherl

Britt started her Musical Education in 2003. She studied for several years at the Dutch Musical Ensemble and the Koorenhuis.

In 2017, she graduated from the Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam and obtained her teaching qualification.


She already started giving vocal coaching sessions during her studies and followed an internship at youth theater school Rabarber, Zangschool Rotterdam and Zangstudio Den Haag. She taught several theatre, vocal coaching and audition training sessions at Codarts and the HAVO for Music and Dance.

Britt helped with the vocal coaching on board of TUI Cruises and helped dancers prepare their singing auditions in Berlin.

Britt has been a part of MusicalCamp for several years. She started as a participant, then became a team member and since 2021 she's been involved as a teacher, giving the kids, teenagers and adults Singing and Acting classes.

She teaches singing and gives singing technique courses at Zangschool Den Haag and she is de conductor and vocal coach of the Spot Musical Choir.

During her studies, Britt studied a lot of different Vocal Techniques, like Estill Voice Training System, Complete Vocal Technique and Universal Voice Traing System.


During her private coaching sessions, Britt likes to look for the possibilities in the voice by means of singing technique with the student, so that a student can make different choices musically. By doing different exercises they will broaden and strengthen the possibilities within the voice. Within the songs she also likes to work on lyric awareness and interpretation.

Britt has a big fascination for the anatomy of the voice and everything it can do. She shares this interest with her students in the Vocal Technique Workshops and Courses she teaches.

Contact her to book one of these workshops or a private/duo vocal coaching session.

"Britt is not only a really good vocal coach, she is also your personal cheerleader and motivational speaker. The classes are going super fast and I can belt notes I never dared to try before." - Maribel Kamphuis.



Everyone can learn how to sing!

In a private vocal coaching you'll to get to know and develop your voice, so that you can make all the musical choices you want. By means of various singing exercises you'll improve your technique, your musicality and your voice condition. 

I teach my 45 minutes classes in the south of Rotterdam, but it's also possible to book an online coaching session. 

I'm excited to get started with you!

Tryout Class 30 min: €15,-
Seperate class 45 min: €40,-
Deal for 5 classes: €175,-


Looking for a fun group activity?

Come sing together! In the singing technique workshop that I developed, we embark on a search for all kinds of sounds your voice can make. This broadens your musical possibilities, your voice- and singing technique. You'll get to know your voice in a whole new way. And because we work in a group, you can get to know the difference between voices. Online or in real life, for an hour or a whole afternoon, everything is possible.

Workshop 1 hour: €60,-
Workshop 2 hours: €110,-
Workshop 3 hours: €150,-


Alida Plantwijck (1).png

CODARTS COLLEGE OF ARTS, Music Theatre, 2013 - 2017

Bachelor of Music + Teaching Qualification.

DUTCH ACADEMY OF PERFORMING ARTS, Musical Artist, 2011 - 2013

KOORENHUIS, High school with theaterprogram, 2006 - 2011

Date of Birth:

Drivers License:










Dutch (fluent)

English (fluent)

German (good)


Perrin Manzer Allen, Alberto ter Doest, Daan Smits, Syd Horster, Arjan van Twisk.



Arlon Luijten, Pieter Loef, Carola Arons, Anouk Beugels.



Peter van Dosselear, Pim Veulings, Cora Ringelberg, Neil Dolan, Pauline du Bois.



Carline Brouwer, Paul Eenens, Jeroen Sleyfer, Katrien van Beurden, Celinde Schoenmaker.

2021: SPOT

Conductor of the Spot Musical Choir.


Ensemble and acting classes for kids, teenagers and adults.


Private Vocal Coaching, Singing Technique Courses and Project Musical.


2019 - 2020: TUI CRUISES

Private Vocal Coaching sessions and Audition Training, mainly preparing the dancers for Singing Auditions.



Stand-in for Vocal Trainings for the first year students. Vocal and interpretation classes for the Pre-schoolers. Audition Training for future Students.

Next to working as a Vocal Coach, Britt is also a performer. 

She worked for Tui Cruises, Urinetown the Musical, different productions for Ramaekers Entertainment, Carola Music and the Tapas Theater.

She practices many different genres, like Music theater, Jazz, Pop, Latin, EDM and Hardstyle.

"Having singing classes with Britt has truly helped me improve the way I sing and gave me a confidence boost to succeed at auditions. Her natural ability teach and her wonderful performance skills allowed me to better acknowledge my own voice and achieve the best version of myself. Also her friendly approach helped me relax and enjoy the process!" - Mariana Ribeiro (Tanz der Vampire)

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